Tendrils of Passion by Carrie Dalby

For the next few weeks, we will be hosting authors from Bienvenue Press who will be sharing scenes from their books that highlight their settings. This week, Carrie Dalby stops by the Front Porch to share some of her southern gothic book, Tendrils of Passion. So, sit back, have a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!

On the Front Porch with Tendrils of Passion

Slave Cabin

I’m back on the front porch today for my fourth instalment. Tendrils of Passion is the third book in The Possession Chronicles. Hang on because we’re heading to the Campbells’ starter cabin on Dauphin Island in 1907 where Magdalene and Douglas begin their life together—away from the Mellings and next door to the O’Farrells from Fortitude.

Douglas ran from the docks, his sweat soaked shirt no worse for the jog as he’d been working since before sunup that Wednesday in the September heat. He got a few scowls from the men as he was one of the few husbands on the island who returned home eagerly each day rather than gathering for drinks or swapping tales while smoking. He’d been warned his attitude would change with a screaming baby in the mix of home life, but he continued to race home to see his wife, son, and uncle.

“Maggie, my bride!” he shouted as soon as he reached the yard.

She met him on the porch with a smile and their two month-old in her arms, a sight that never ceased to make his heart soar.

“Happy anniversary, Maggie.” He dropped a small crate and his bag on the floor and passed her a paper-wrapped bunch of red roses from the city. “Shall I wear my kilt to supper?”

She smiled and leaned to him for a kiss. “Please do. And the flowers are gorgeous.”

“Pass me Kade so you can find a place for them.”

She shook her head. “Your shirt’s soaked. I don’t want him catching a chill.”

Douglas undid the top few buttons and pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on Uncle Simon’s rocking chair. “My son, please.”

“Kade Gabriel Campbell, if you’re half the man your father is, you’ll be set for life.” She kissed his sparse, dark hair and placed him in Douglas’s eager arms, taking a moment to run her fingers over her husband’s muscles.

“Aye, I love you too, Maggie.” He took the cooing baby to the swing he’d built for Magdalene’s birthday on the end of the porch and laid his son in his lap so he could make sure everything about him still worked properly. Fingers, toes, smiles, and giggles. Then he held him to his chest and sang ditties from his childhood.

1906 AD ToP quote cover1

Read about how Magdalene and Douglas escaped Seacliff Cottage and the Mellings in the third book of The Possession Chronicles—a Southern Gothic family saga—Tendrils of Passion.

author photo 2016Bio: Carrie Dalby, a California native, has lived in Mobile, Alabama, since 1996. She’s published several non-fiction articles in national and international magazines, served two terms as president of Mobile Writers Guild, worked as the Mobile area Local Liaison for SCBWI from 2012-2017, volunteers with Metro Mobile Literacy Council events whenever possible, and helps coordinate the annual Mobile Literary Festival. When Carrie’s not reading, writing, browsing bookstores/libraries, or homeschooling, she can often be found knitting or attending concerts. Find links to all her social media accounts and more on her contact page.


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